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William Brangham:

Yes, he keeps saying this, and there’s really no truth to it.

I mean, here’s the theory undergirding what the president is saying, that mail-in voting, which he alleges is going to cause all this chaos, so let’s delay the election.

Now, the president has no authority to delay the election. That’s Congress’ job. And Congress — 100 percent of congressmen and senators who have been asked about this have said, we’re not delaying the election.

But the president is sort of alleging that, according to the law, which is true, that if, on January 20 at noon, when the president and vice presidents term expires, and a victor has not been declared, the number three — that’s the House majority leader — would become the president.

But, as I have said, there is no evidence whatsoever this election is going to get moved one iota. And so this is a bit of a moot point, but he keeps using, I think partly because he thinks Nancy Pelosi is, I guess, a scare tactic for his supporters.

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