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pastel colored buttercream roses on a baking sheet

Hello friends!

Another week and let’s take a slow breath about it. Are you ok? I think the better question is, how are you, really? So much is on fire and tinted in red. There’s snow. There’s riots. There’s everything that this year is.  And yet, Tron is sleeping in the basket that is too small for him and people are still falling in love and butterflies still find the flowers so – life is everything all at once, always. 

This has been a longshort week. I’ve been more clumsy than usual and less motivated that usual and I’ve decided that’s ok.  In very small news, I’ve been practicing my buttercream roses with Karlee of Olive and Artisan for October’s BakeAway class.  I’ll tuck these tiny victories in my pocket. 

This week’s offering is below. As always, take only what you need. I’m glad you’re here. 

  Text pictures from my family our west makes it very clear that The Western US Is Not OK. I’m thinking about you all so much. (Kottke and Slate) 

  We’re all experiencing this pandemic in different ways and it’s not all sourdough and new gardens. Growing Up Poor In America (Frontline) 

  The Emotionally Challenging Next Phase of the Pandemic. What are you doing to stay safe and what are you doing to stay steady? Asking for real, comment below please! Maybe we can help one another. (The Atlantic) 

  Just watching this man’s GoPro footage is terrifying. I’m amazed at what people can do with their humble bodies in nature. One step beyond: the ascent of mountain runner Killian Jornet. (The Guardian) 

  I needed something simple, dark, and twisty to get me into the season so I’m going to read The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell. (Amazon) 

•  One of my life skills is my ability to fancy up a bagged salad and a frozen pizza so this frozen pizza exploration is very relevant news for me. (The Kitchn) 

  I’ve yet to make a decision about a robe this year or last, but I hear good things about this linen robe. I mean… I’m just going to leave the tab on my computer open forever but maybe you’ll make a more swift decision. (H&M) 

  There are two virtual fall baking classes coming up at The Bakehouse later this year and y’all – they’re already selling so hop on a spot if you want one! 

  Honestly WTF made a truly charming DIY Sunglasses and Mask Chain. I find so much inspiration from this site.  Every craft is so elevated, chic and fun! (Honestly WTF) 

•  Me? Make my own beaded chandelier one day? I mean yea… of course I’ll do this. (The House That Lars Built) 

  I’m taking a little road trip to Houston this weekend and why yes, there’s an Apple Pie in my passenger seat. This apple pie makes me think I need to make Ina’s Apple Pie Bars and also Apple Pie Biscuits. I’ve taken on a theme. (Joy the Baker) 

•  You know we love a deviled egg around here and Jon’s Loaded Baked Potato Deviled Eggs look SO GOOD and also have chips on them SO… (The Candid Appetite) 

  This week last year: Let It Be Sunday, 237! A lifetime ago. “it is a serious thing // just to be alive / on this fresh morning / in this broken world.” Mary Oliver, Red Bird (Joy the Baker)

Be well friends. Take good care of yourself. 

My love to you.

xo Joy

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