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Having recently released the new non-album single “Neighborhood Protection Spell (Lana Del Biden Nem),” Open Mike Eagle has now announced a new album, Anime, Trauma and Divorce, due October 16 via his own AutoReverse Records. The first single is “Bucciariati” featuring Kari Faux, and it’s a minimal, effectively subtle song that makes this album seem pretty promising.

Mike says, “Before the world went to shit I was already in the middle of a few personal crisis’. Shit had gone haywire personally and professionally and my therapist had to remind me that I have an outlet to process some of my shit in rap music. So I made a bunch of painful rap songs and Jacknife Lee was kind enough to help me make good music out of them. Maybe it can help other people too. It probably won’t but maybe.”

Listen to the new song and check out the tracklist and credits below…


1. death parade

2. headass (idiot shinji)

3. sweatpants spiderman

4. bucciarati featuring kari faux

5. asa’s bop feat lil a$e

6. the edge of new clothes

7. everything ends last year

8. the black mirror episode

9. wtf is self care

10. im a joestar (black power fantasy)

11. airplane boneyard

12. fifteen twenty feet ocean nah feat lil a$e


death parade produced by caleb stone

headass (idiot shinji) produced by black milk feat. Video dave

sweatpants spiderman produced by caleb stone

bucciarati produced by caleb stone featuring kari faux

asa’s bop produced by frank leone featuring lil a$e

the edge of new clothes produced by loden

everything ends last year produced by caleb stone

the black mirror episode produced by loden

wtf is self care produced by gold panda

im a joestar (black power fantasy) produced by frank leone

airplane boneyard produced by frank leone

fifteen twenty feet ocean nah (live from the joco cruise) produced by nedarb featuring lil a$e

executive produced by michael eagle and jacknife lee

brass on #3, #7, #10 and bass on #11 by jordan katz

strings on #2 by davide rossi

mixed by jacknife lee

mastered by daddy kev

presented by autoreverse music

See albums 100-26 here.

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