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Doing its IPO on the Ethereum blockchain gives the public, and INX itself, a novel vista on the process, which traditionally has been a back-room affair.

U.S.-China tensions are taking a toll on venture funds that invest in non-crypto startups. Investment in the blockchain industry may be less affected.

September is the fifth consecutive monthly all-time high for Uniswap volume.

Some are calling the white-hot Defi space a bubble that is unsustainable.

SushiSwap, the “vampire mining” protocol, sucked more than $800 million from rival Uniswap in the latest DeFi mind-bender. PLUS: BitMEX futures distortions.

Ripple has disputed YouTube’s claims it knew nothing about XRP scams on its site, saying it alerted the video platform hundreds of times.

Payments giant Mastercard said its new testing platform will simulate the issuance, distribution and utility of digital currencies for central banks.

When it comes to bitcoin, Singapore’s DBS Bank sees a “pandemic-led acceleration of adoption.”

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SushiSwap, the community-owned automated market maker, now has a new set of leaders – offering a preview of the future of crypto politics.

From conspiracy theories to magical internet money, humans have bought into shared belief systems to make sense of reality.


Some $650 million has poured into Yearn.Finance since mid-August. Can Yearn and its YFI token be the mass-market gateway to DeFi?


The exchange now supports nearly 10 times more pairs than Binance.


The Hedge Fund legend says in a new interview the Federal Reserve’s policies have created a massive asset bubble while making both inflation and deflation more likely.

Activist investment

In addition to wads of cash and the aura of respectability, institutions are bringing Wall Street’s activist investing strategies to crypto markets.


Scammers are forging CoinDesk newsletters in phishing emails. Here’s how to spot them and protect yourself.

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